Introduction of the Guest Lecturer

Former Executive Governor Old, Oyo State of Nigeria


Former Military Governor, Ogun State, Nigeria

Your Royal Majesty, Kabiyesi, Soun of Ogbomosoland,
Other Royal Majesties hereby present,
The Asiwaju of Ogbomosoland Chief Sunday Adebayo Adewusi GCFR,
Chairman, Ogbomoso Community Foundation,
Chairman, Ogbomoso Development Forum,
Chairman of today's occasion, General Oladayo Popoola,
Chairman, of other Ogbomoso Societies, in particular the umbrella body Ogbomoso Parapo Worldwide, Ajilete etc and the other dignitaries on the high table,
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the planning stage, we had a tough time deciding on the guest lecturer, my thinking was on the fact that how can Dr. Olunloyo agree to give this lecture celebrating a soldier, Dr. Ladipo immediately assured us that he believes in outstanding people what ever it may be their area of activity except corruption or in unfair trickery or mischief. Today, we are celebrating a true son of the soil, a field tested soldier and a war genius. The Ogbomoso Development Forum has carefully developed this title around our celebrant Brigadier General Adekunle. The title of the Lecture is:

The Unsung Patriot.

Like the subject of the title, Dr. Omololu Olunloyo is no doubt the fittest available to deal with this title. This is so because, a subject like this, requires in depth research, and a critical review in the light of the circumstance of today's Nigeria. Dr. Omololu Olunloyo is no stranger to such an assignment. He falls in the class of Wole Soyinka, Professor Awojobi and their likes.

He is a genius who has shown his mettle in Mathematics, Engineering and Public Administration. If we go back to his days as a student in St Andrews University in Scotland, it will gladden our hearts to know that like the Nigeria Medical genius Dr. Akinola Maja, Dr. Olunloyo got an unarguable First Class in E":engineering and Obtained 5 gold medals in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering mathematics. For this, he was honoured by Her majesty the Queen of England Elizabeth II. He proceeded to his PHD and passed with distinction. He, in fact made the black race, Africa and Nigeria proud in Scotland. In 1962, after his return, he was made the Commissioner for Economic Planning and Community Development. Also in 1967 and 1971, he was reappointed commissioner for Education and later Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs. In 1983, he became the Executive Governor of Oyo State, a position he held before the military took over. If you, our late Alhaji Olatunji Mohammed was his deputy while Alhaji (Dr) Saka Balogun was his Commissioner for Finance. Today, he will deliver the first lecture in the series on Ogbomoso heroes, a series established by the Ogbomoso Development Forum (ODF).

Up till today, we have seen outstanding delivery in all subjects he has ever handled. Without doubt, Kabiyesis, Distinguished guests, sit back and enjoy this lecture given by a genius, in honour of a genius in the like of Brigadier General Benjamin Adekunle (Rtd), the Ashipa of Ogbomosoland.

Thank you ...


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Dr. Olunloyo - Protocols and Acknowledgment of Heroes