2017 AGA

A Compendium of Ogbomosoland Elites

As you are aware, the Ogbomoso Community Foundation (OCF) is launching a book titled, BEACONS OF OGBOMOSOLAND on Saturday, November 11,2017 at the Recreation Club, Ogbomoso at l1 am.

The book features profiles of some of those adjudged to be eminent citizens from our community who have made their marks in their chosen endeavours and have shown sufficient interest in the development of our joint heritage.

Since its establishment in 2001, OCF has embarked on a number ofprojects to improve our community. Some of these interventions include but not limited to the following: Federal govemment approval for improvement of water supply; sensitization of farmers by organising Agricultural shows and workshops; free medical consultations, surgery and eye screening and supply of free eye glasses. Also efforts have been made in linking of Ogbomoso citizens all over the world through a data base created for the purpose and for closer interactions among the Ajilete tribe.

More than ever before, the Foundation is determined to impact even more on the lives of our people and their environment by deploying professionals within and outside the OCF to carry out useful projects that have direct bearing to the local living conditions.

While we continue to follow through with the above listed projects, the full utilisation of the parcel of land allocated to us by the state government within the Ogbomoso Industrial Estate is of paramount importance to OCF.

To this end, an Industrial Training Centre manned by professionals to give vocational training to our legion of trainable and ambitious youths at subsidized and hopefully at no cost at all, will be constructed as a matter of priority within the larger OCF Secretariat Complex.

One extra advantage of this is the expected incentive that potential commercial tenants will be drawn faster into the Industrial Complex which is in virtual comatose as at now.

Another project on the table is the provision of modem public toilets in identified locations within the community to stem rampant cases of infections and preventable diseases as a result of dirty unhygienic living conditions.

The principal reason for the publication and the launching of this book is to raise funds for the full implementation of these projects and your good selfhas been chosen as Launcher among few others, to be of financial assistance which will be acknowledged during the public presentation of the book, on Saturday, November 11,2017.

Looking forward toyour presence and generous contribution.