An Address By The Leader Asiwaju (Dr) Sunday Adedayo Adewusi, IG (rtd) GCON

The 8TH Annual General Assembly of The Ogbomoso Community Foundation (OCF) At the Ogbomoso Recreation Club, Ilorin Road
Saturday, 14TH November, 2009


Asiwaju Sunday AdewusiDear Compatriots,

Honour, glory and adoration to the Almighty God for making it possible and pleasant to be here again today for our anniversary. It was on Saturday, 11th October, 2008 we held our last Annual General Assembly under this roof, and here we are all gathered again to review our activities in the year and strategize towards contributing more and meaningfully to the growth and development of Ogbomosoland, the land of our birth, the land bequeathed to us by God through our progenitors (the five musketeers, the Aales, the Ohunsiles; the Orisatolus; the Akandes and the Ogunlolas). It is indeed gratifying to be with you once again at this forum. We are all alive today through the grace of God and what can we actually say unto HIM for the special grace than to say Thank You Lord. I therefore seize this opportunity to congratulate you for the special privilege and to pray for God’s continuous guidance and protection over you and all your loved ones.

It is also my pleasure and joy to appreciate you all for your commitments and support since the inception of the Foundation eight years ago. Your faith and interest in OCF and the blessings and ever-presence of God have kept the Association going and strong to date. No doubt, you have been the beam and pillar of support, sacrificing your energy, time and money in lifting OCF up to this enviable height and you therefore deserve a big kudos for been up and doing. As it is our saying, “ibere ki se onise, afeni toba fori ti dopin”. You have started a good cause which is a ‘fight’ towards enabling our people and developing the environment. The ‘fight’ as you are already aware is on-going and it requires total commitment and sacrifice in time, energy and money. You remain the beacon of hope and the pivot to Ogbomosoland development. This of course demands facing the challenges of development that require immediate attention and solution.

This brings to the fore the problem of finance which is a militating factor in implementing the lofty programmes and activities that have been mapped out by the Foundation. Such consequential programmes like hernia harvest; construction of toilets; agric shows; regular publications of books and newsletters could not be undertaken in the year do to lack of fund and the needed resources. As a responsible, focused and dedicated Association, we must find solution to the problem. The challenge calls for our urgent attention and the need to approach it pragmatically. I expect that strategic plans and measures that will be result-oriented will be in place before the end of today’s Annual General Assembly. Be that as it may, the Foundation will not relent in her efforts but will continue to adopt programmes and measures that will have direct positive impact on the lives of our people.

Already, EXCO has been exploring the possibility of commencing a poverty alleviation programme in Ogbomosoland in collaboration with the Foundation For Development And Environmental Initiatives (FDI), a Non Governmental Orgnisation that is coordinated by its Chairman Professor Akin Mabagunje and the Executive Director, Prof., M. O. Filani. The organization has recorded an impressive success story in Ijebu land in empowering the people and making the desired positive difference. I commend EXCO for the various programmes and activities that were held in the year despite the tight financial situation of the Foundation. I am sure the General Secretary will report fully on the success stories of such events as the health care delivery programme; the urine and blood tests exercise by the Technical Committee on Health; the Technical Committee on Education activity on HIV/Aids peer education for students; the Secretariat issue; preparation of Blue-Prints for Development among others.

I want to seize this moment to appreciate our members and all our sons and daughters in the diaspora for their concern and positive intervention on issues relating to the progress of Ogbomosoland. I appreciates the efforts of the various individuals that have intervened in ensuring that the OCF website is not lost but revived to ensure that it is a credible channel of information dissemination on Ogbomosoland to the global audience. I recognize in particular the concern shown and the positive steps taken by Dr. Kale Oyedeji; Dr. Usman G. Akano; Mr. Tunji Mafolasire and others for their doggedness and for their “we can” spirit and approach that led to the recovery and revival of the website (Website I therefore wish to call on others to join the struggle and contribute in cash and in kind to uplift our Society.

Let me recall here the feat and the exploits of the Medical Resources International (MRI), U.S.A facilitated by Dr. Dada from Osun State, Nigeria in collaboration with the OCF and the Oyo State Government in Ogbomoso in May, 2005. During the period of the medical intervention, over one hundred and twenty four (124) patients were operated upon while over three thousand (3,000) others were received and seen at the clinics. The feat is now an historical precedent which our people in the diaspora should emulate and build on. The field is wide and ripe for harvest. You should therefore come to “Macedonia” and help out.

Dear compatriots, I am delighted, happy and proud with the efforts of our son, the Executive Governor of Oyo State, Otunba (Dr.) Christopher Adebayo Alao-Akala in developing the State. He has been quite resourceful, focused, ensuring the construction and rehabilitation of roads throughout the length and breadth of the State. His exploits in Health, Education, Agriculture, Sports among others are noteworthy and as well praiseworthy. We should all continue to work for his success and pray for God’s guidance and wisdom on him at all times.

Finally, I wish to recall with sadness the recent callous attack of dare-devil armed robbers on our banks in Ogbomoso leaving in its trail sadness, sorrow, blood and death. It was indeed a black day in Ogbomoso. I hereby join well meaning citizens in commiserating with the families of the injured and those that lost their lives in the process. This experience should be an eye opener. It requires every citizen to be alert, be all eyes and ears in fighting crimes. Let us all rise to support our law enforcement agents by providing them with information that will reveal the evil-doers. The incident is a challenge to the Police as no efforts should be spared to fish out the criminals while necessary measures should be in place to forestall future occurrence.

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, it is once again my pleasure to be with you today and to welcome you to the 8th Annual General Assembly of our Foundation. God bless you all.