1. OCF through its Technical Committee on Water and Environment succeeded in getting Federal Government’s approval for the rehabilitation of Ogbomoso Water Supply Scheme
  2. OCF interacts closely with government functionaries of Ogbomoso origin at all tiers of governance through occasional meetings and dialogues. Such interactions have been of tremendous blessings in bringing infrastructural development to Ogbomosoland.
  3. OCF organizes Agric Show to sensitize farmers on the potentiality of Agricultural development in Ogbomosoland and encourages them in adopting modern and productive technologies.
  4. OCF mobilizes Ogbomoso sons and daughters towards performing their civic duties as evident in the recent census exercise.
  5. OCF supports the less privileged in the community. A one-week medical consultation and surgery was recently held in Ogbomoso in collaboration with the Crown Surgery Medical Group Inc. Medical Resource International, U.S.A.
  6. OCF ensures a healthy environment in the land.
  7. OCF facilitates political harmony in Ogbomosoland.
  8. OCF maintains contacts with Ogbomoso Sons and daughters world-wide.
  9. OCF supports the efforts of security agencies to ensure safety of lives and properties in Ogbomosoland.
  10. OCF maintains relevant data base and baseline information to support monitoring evaluation, and development.
OCF's Challenges and Planned Areas of Intervention
  1. Development of agriculture/empowering the farmers throughout the length and breadth of Ogbomosoland.
  2. Encouragement of the establishment of industries with more emphasis on small and medium scale industries.
  3. Ensuring sound health for the people and working towards taking care of the disadvantaged.
  4. Monitoring educational development in the land and contributing meaningfully to its growth and maintenance of standard
  5. Encouraging peaceful co-existence and managing conflicts early in the land.
  6. Mobilizing all and sundry to their civic responsibilities.
  7. Maintaining relevant data that will guide and facilitate development in the land.
  8. Ensuring a healthy environment in the land.

The above are issues will be addressed among others. Please support the development of Ogbomosoland.