The passing on of one of us, Mr Olusegun Olatunji Mafolasire hit us like a thunderbolt.

It came at a time when the Ogbomoso Community Foundation was planning a followup publication to its 2011 compendium of eminent Ogbomoso citizens. Naturally,his name came up each time the topic is discussed. Indeed, his name would come up anytime issues on our community is discussed. An erudite scholar and a linguist, the 72 year old Agriculturist loved our community with unique passion. He saw service to Ogbomosoland as a privilege and that is why the Foundation relied on him a great deal in the linkage between our citizens at home and the abroad.

He was committed to OCF organised programmes and activities towards the development of Ogbomosoland when he was in Nigeria and even after relocating to the United States of America, his enthusiasm never withered.

He was passionate on the drive towards the channelisation of the Ogunbado gorge in Ogbomoso. He contributed immensely to the realisation of the project. He, along with Dr. Usman Akano and Dr. Kale Oyedeji ensured that the OCF website became operational in the US/Canada which is pivotal to the effective linkage across the Atlantic.

A reliable representative of OCF in the US, ensuring the dissemination of her activities to our people in the diaspora and the United States in particular, he will be remembered as a veritable beacon of the land and a quintessential gentleman who combined humility with brilliance and patriotism.

Dr. Saka Adegbite Balogun
Chairman OCF

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