14th July, 2010

Honourable Dimeji Bankole, CFR,
Honourable Speaker of the House of Representatives,
Three Arms Zone,

Dear Honourable Bankole,


I write to congratulate you as the Speaker of the House of Representatives. I have watched with pride and admiration the dynamism that you have brought into the work of the House. Your focus on strengthening the oversight functions of the House has engendered greater accountability in our public institutions. I am also highly impressed by your inclusive leadership style, which has endeared you to your colleagues and ensured stability in die House.

Dear Speaker, as you are aware, the commencement of the constitutional review process has led many state agitators to bring proposals to the National Assembly for the creation of additional states. One of such groups is the New Oyo State Forum (NOSFOM), which presented its proposal for the creation of New Oyo State to you in your office on 1st July, 2010. According to newspaper news and reports carried by the electronic news media, the NOSFOM leaders who submitted the proposal claimed that their proposal for the creation of New Oyo State with its capital at Oyo was supported by Oke Ogun, Oyo and Ogbomoso zones of the present Oyo State.

The claim that Ogbomoso was party to such a decision, if indeed it was made as portrayed by the news media, is false and fraudulent. At no time did any representative of Ogbontoso consent to the proposal brought to your office. The document submitted to your office was not signed by any member of the House of Representatives or of the Oyo State House of Assembly from Ogbomoso zone. Neither was it signed by any of the five Local Government Chairmen in Ogbomoso zone or any of the Councillors in the zone. Thus, none of the elected officials stipulated by the constitution as signatories to a valid request for the creation of a new state inclusive of Ogbomoso zone signed the proposal brought to your office.

I, as the Paramount Ruler of Ogboniosoland and my traditional chiefs, had nothing to do with the proposal. Similarly, none of the political leaders in Ogbomoso zone, irrespective of political party affiliation, endorsed the proposal. I have been informed reliably informed that the situation may not be dissimilar in Oke-Ogun as many of the elected officials, who should be signatories to such a request, had earlier endorsed the request for the creation of Oke-Ogun State.

While not speaking for the leaders and people of Oke-Ogun zone, I state emphatically that the purported support of Ogbomoso zone is not only false, but also fraudulent because Ogbomoso representatives who met with NOSFOM leaders had consistently and unambiguously stated the position of Ogbomoso zone to the effect that Ogboinoso would contest for the capital of Oyo State should lbadan State be created.

The minutes of NOSFOM meetings and letters exchange between the delegates to the meetings, copies of which are attached herewith, clearly confirm that NOSFOM leaders made a fraudulent claim in associating Ogbomoso with their proposal. Moreover, this is not the first time that NOSFOM leaders will make such a fraudulent claim, associating Ogbomoso with resolutions that they were not party to. This disturbing pattern was first exhibited in the memorandum that NOSFOM submitted to the National Political Reform Conference in March 2005, in which it claimed that the leaders of Ogbomoso endorsed their proposal.

This was incorrect. When challenged for making such a false claim, NOSFOM leaders from Oke-Ogun and Oyo zones variously explained that they did so "in anticipation that Ogbomoso will be a stakeholder in the proposed state" and that it was done "with utmost respect, culture and courtesy" and that it was " as a mark respect and foresight," anticipatory of future agreement." There has been no such agreement, but that has not discouraged INOSFOM from misleading the National Assembly and the public about the support base of its proposal.

Naturally, as the Paramount Ruler of Ogbotnosolancl,I take the strongest exception to such chicanery. Not only is it dishonourable conduct, but it is capable of provoking rancor between the three zones. I have had to personally hold several meetings with my traditional chiefs, community leaders, youth groups, religious leaders and women's organizations to diffuse the tension generated by the false claims of NOSFOM. I have decided to refute these claims to ensure that NOSFOM does not profit from such dishonesty, is discouraged from further aggravation and my people are assured that the wrong impression created in the minds of Honourable National Assembly members is erased.

With very warm compliments and prayerful support for continued successes in your exalted office.

Yours sincerely,

His Royal Majesty,
Soun of Ogbomosoland

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